Is Sir Alex about to retire?

08 May 2013 09:16

Ok so here I am at gone midnight and I get information through that Alex Ferguson is about to retire with an announcement being made at the last home game of the season against Swansea.

Now apparently the information was leaked at players versus coach’s golf day and then was soon leaked to the worlds press now if this is a hoax then every national newspaper is going to have egg on their face.

So if the information is correct then I for one will say job well done after a successful tenure that can only be seen as one of the greatest in the modern English game there is not a bad thing anyone can say. Yeah he has invented fergie time and yes he is the first to say when referees decisions don’t go his way, is that a reason to be little a man with 20 league titles and numerous cups under his belt.

In a career that started with Man United over 27 years ago and being the longest serving manager in the game today it is nothing short of outstanding that he has achieved greatness at a club where in the first 2 to 3 years of his tenure achieved 11th place in the league where in the modern game today he would of been sacked, but yet he was backed by the board and has gone on and made Man United one of the greatest clubs in the world today.

With players passing through the team like Robson, Hughes, Schmeichel and today the likes of Van Persie and Rooney can anyone blame the man for calling it a day after coaching some of the best players in the league and winning everything. Some are surprised it wasn't done a few seasons ago.

Now the question needs to be asked if this is true who in the world is good enough for United as manager.

Source: DSG