Is Manchester United star and PSG target Wayne Rooney worth 300,000 a week?

03 June 2013 09:12

Over the last several weeks, every top team across Europe has been tied to Wayne Rooney. This is not surprising because Rooney is still a good striker. Though his numbers have fallen off a little over the last couple of years, he is still a starter on most clubs.

The current story has Paris Saint-Germain offering to pay Rooney the incredible sum of £300,000 per week plus a huge transfer fee to United. The number is astonishing because Rooney is already making £250,000 per week while his strike partner, Robin Van Persie, is only making £200,000. I’m not sure the right guy is upset here.

It is believed that Rooney is unhappy because of his lack of playing time, being substituted and being played out of position while others like Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez are starting in his role. His discontent showed in the last two games of the season when he was not selected to the team. The last game of the season, he had permission to stay home with wife Coleen while she was in the last few days of her pregnancy. He still could have made the game if he had been in good standing with Sir Alex Ferguson. He should have been front and center.

David Moyes has yet to sit down with Rooney and discuss his future at United. Moyes went on holiday and Rooney is in Brazil with the National team. The issue doesn’t seem to be about money, but about respect and where Rooney fits into the picture from here on out. There is a good chance that Rooney will remain at United if you listen to former United players speak on the issue. Rooney is going to be a Manchester United legend if he stays, but if he decides to leave, he will just be a footnote.

There is no doubt that PSG’s wealthy Qatari owners can lay down the money for such a transfer, but is Rooney really worth this kind of money? Depending on who you ask, you will get a multitude of answers. Will Rooney be willing to forgo a lifelong status or will he go for the gold. We shall see!

Source: DSG

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