HATCHET MAN: United's busy body Rio still has a lot of growing up to do

06 March 2009 09:01
Rio Ferdinand is a great defender who has reached the pinnacle of his career for club and country.

So why does he have to be such a busy body?

The Manchester United

and England stalwart has been earning the plaudits for some time now about his new-found maturity and leadership skills while developing an impressive partnership with Nemanja Vidic.

Having his say: Manchester United centre half Rio Ferdinand (left) verbally gets stuck into Newcastle defender Steven Taylor at St James'

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  Ferdinand also stands in for club captain Gary Neville regularly as he fades into the background at Old Trafford and for some reason the former West Ham and Leeds star is following the example of the irritating, argumentative unofficial union leader.

Sticking his nose in during the Cristiano Ronaldo-Steven Taylor bust-up at Newcastle

on Wednesday was typical.

It was not his battle - skipper or not - and inflaming the row was pointless and stupid.

Not to mention childish. The insults that were flying about were distinctly of the playground variety.

Ronaldo may have been hard done by, but Ferdinand showed he still has some growing up to do.

Ferdinand likes to think of himself as a cool customer, but he was certainly not that at St James' and showing yourself to be as irritating and busy as Neville will do nothing for his credibility.

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Source: Daily_Mail