HATCHET MAN: 'Delboy' Ronaldo has run out of people he can con

06 March 2009 01:49
Cristiano Ronaldo looked like he was caught by Steven Taylor as the Newcastle defender threw out an arm last night and the Manchester United bench were furious that he wasn't punished. But what do they expect when the Portuguese has become the boy who cried wolf? Referees really have little choice but to assume at least some of what they see from the Manchester United forward is theatrical. In the same match Nemanja Vidic suffered a nasty cut under his eye after clashing with Obafemi Martins and you didn't see the defender rolling around as if he had been fatally wounded like his team-mate. The sad result of that is that nobody believes in the antics of the World Player of the Year any more. Take last Sunday's Carling Cup final at Wembley, for instance. Ronaldo insisted he should have been awarded a penalty rather than booked for diving and he might have been if he hadn't already been going down before Ledley King made contact. He was booked for the same offence at Blackburn the week before and that time even Sir Alex Ferguson had to admit he deserved it because it was so blatant. This is only the tip of the iceberg too. Ronaldo is a great footballer and a terrible cheat. He has improved since he joined United in that he tries to con referees less frequently, but he still tries to con them.

Source: Daily_Mail