Gill thinks long term

09 October 2010 12:01
Manchester United chief executive David Gill has said fans should not fear the club going down the same road as Liverpool despite losses of £83.6million. Fans' group Manchester United Supporters' Trust (MUST) say the "clock is ticking" on the Glazer family's ownership of United and that a similar outcome to Liverpool could arise but that is denied by the club's senior executive. Gill told Press Association Sport: "I can't speak for any other club but the United fans should not be concerned. "We have a long-term financing structure in place, excellent revenues that are growing, we are controlling our costs - total wages are 46% of turnover - and we can afford the interest on our long-term finance. "In our opinion if something changed in the ownership this club will survive and continue - it is covering the financing cost more than adequately. "We still have cash to invest in players and to give good contracts to players and we are comfortable with the business model."

Source: PA