Foster's route to the World Cup is blocked by a Van at United

26 March 2009 01:31
Even now, knocking on Sir Alex Ferguson's door is something the majority of Manchester United's players do with a touch of trepidation. Paul Ince was among the fearless few, the self-styled Guv'nor once responding tobeing dropped by storming Ferguson's office with a shotgun. It was a joke, of course, and one Ferguson found so funny he sold him to Inter Milan. But other players have had their horror stories to tell. None more so than Ryan Giggs, who famously recalls how his request for a club car badly backfired. With senior players like Steve Bruce and Mark Hughes listening at the door, a 17-year-old Giggs was told that he would be lucky to get a club bike before being sent on his way with ablast of the Ferguson hairdryer.

Source: Daily_Mail