Ferguson - Top three are pulling away

30 January 2010 01:17
Manchester United head to Arsenal on Sunday with Sir Alex Ferguson believing the top end of the Barclays Premier League has finally split into two. Heading out of the Christmas period, seven teams could plausibly have claimed to retain some involvement in the Premier League title race. Now that number is down to three. As Aston Villa, Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool have continued to drop points, Chelsea, United and Arsenal are piecing together unbeaten runs that have started to ease them clear. "It looks to me that there is some consistency coming from the top three," Ferguson said. "There are more points being dropped by those trying to get the fourth position than those in the top three now, which makes it very competitive. Fourth looks like a league of its own. You cannot dismiss any of them. "But I don't think anything is settled. We are not certain to win the league. Neither are Chelsea or Arsenal. But we have all got a chance."

Source: PA