Ferguson Left Moyes To Pick Up The Piececs At Manchester United Says Former Player Gordon Hill

14 January 2014 07:44

Sir Alex Ferguson knew he was leaving David Moyes with a big uphill struggle this season according to former Manchester United player Gordon Hill.

The 59-year-old retired star believe that United’s former manager could see the trouble that could befall the reining Premier League champions this coming year, leaving is successor to pick up the pieces of a squad beginning to fall apart.

“We’d call it [the position Ferguson left Moyes in] high and dry,” said the FA Cup winner as he looked at his former clubs’ struggles over the first half of the season.

“You’re looking at players now at Man United, that are coming to the end of their life cycle in the game and I think Alex Ferguson knew that. He left Moyes with a side that won the league but there was a lot of dead wood that needed to be sorted out and I think David has inherited so much of it that he’s getting bogged down with the way he’s playing.”

While Hill, whose most notable moment wearing the red of United was a brace in the 1977 FA Cup semi final against Derby, can see the problems that Moyes has inherited from his predecessor, he also feels that the former Everton manager may have gone into the task of leading one of the world’s biggest football clubs, a little under-prepared.

“I’m still behind David but the question marks are coming up because he’s been in there close on 6-months and we’ve seen some signings that have been damaging.

“Man United, for 25 years, have been picking up European Cups FA Cups, League titles and that’s where the club come from, that world, that top world. David in his 11 years [at Everton] picked up virtually nothing and was in the middle [of the Premier League table], so for him to step up to United, I think was an absolutely giant step.

“I don’t think he realised how powerful and how big the club is.

“Man United are the worlds best and can’t settle for mediocre players and mediocre performances,” added Hill.

“I think that David Moyes is in a circle, in the middle of this circle, and he doesn't know which way to turn at times, and that is scary.”

“The second part of this season is going to be the most important part of the season David Moyes has ever faced.”


Source: DSG