Fergie supports Fifa plans

06 March 2009 03:06
Sir Alex Ferguson admits he would welcome the introduction of a clampdown on foreign imports. The Manchester United boss believes home-grown talent is essential to the future of football and admits he would support any scheme aimed at encouraging clubs to mould their own stars rather than buy ready-made models. Fifa have already begun to examine this idea, with their 'six-plus-five' proposal gathering pace. It appears likely that plans will be introduced in the near future which limit the number of foreign players any club side can field in their starting XI. Ferguson, who has always looked to nurture young talent during his time at Old Trafford, would have no qualms with such a system being put into place. "We totally support the principle of home-produced players," said Ferguson. Development"All countries should get round a table and agree that you should not lose the impact of youth on your club. You need to bring them through a system and you need to give them their opportunity. "If you don't all the money spent on youth academies is a waste of time. You must encourage development in your own football club." While locally produced players will help to save clubs money in transfer fees, Ferguson also believes the emergence of home-grown talent will help to appease supporters. "You always feel you get more loyalty from players you produce yourself," he said. "But it is also about the fans. Every supporter in the country, from every team, loves to see their own kids coming through the system. "It is a fact of life and we would benefit the game by doing something about it."

Source: SKY_Sports