Fergie Bemoans TV Schedules

09 December 2012 09:11
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is not too happy about the power that TV has over football at the moment.

Ferguson says that the schedule is nothing short of ridiculous at times, pointing out that it cost United a title when they lost out to Chelsea in 2010.

And Fergie feels that history could repeat itself because of United still being in the Champions League while City failed in their quest.

And that failure means that they will be free to play rescheduled games with no problems.

Ferguson told reporters: "The year we lost the title to Chelsea we played in midweek in Europe and then played a lunchtime game against Chelsea on the Saturday, and they battered us.

"The biggest disadvantage [in the title race] will be television because the demand for United will never weaken. If they get us playing on Saturday lunchtime after European games it will be ridiculous.

"We have tried to stop it but TV controls these things - they absolutely control it."

Source: United Mad