Everton defeat showed why Moyes had to go

By 22 April 2014 10:18

When the end came as a whimper rather than a bang. Rather than being jettisoned in January Moyes was eased out of the door after the final mathematical possibility of Champions League dissipated.

Considering how the season went for Manchester United and David Moyes that was rather appropriate because the Everton defeat really showed that Moyes had no plan and was completely unable to motivate his players.

Manchester United went into the game against Everton after not playing for 11 days. In that time Manchester United's opponents Everton had played twice.

Roberto Martinez's Toffee's had struggled to a one goal win against relegation battling Sunderland before losing mid-week against Crystal Palace.

The Manchester United game was Everton's third league game in eight days. Everton had been given only three days between the Palace match and the Manchester United game. After a day's rest this left Everton with only two days worth of match preparation in which to face the Champions.

David Moyes by contrast had over a week and a half to prepare and was playing against an Everton side that he knew inside and out. David Moyes should have been ideally suited to come up with an effective tactical plan to beat Everton.

Instead Manchester United were impotent in attack and out-thought by a game plan that was based around kicking the ball up to the big man Lukaku and counter-attacking quickly.

It was this complete lack of a plan that finally showed that Moyes was not an elite manager and was completely out of his depth at Old Trafford.

If you have any doubt consider how Mourinho was able to overturn a two goal deficit in the Champions League final against PSG.

Speaking after the game Mourinho and John Terry made it clear that in the few days of preparation time available to them they had gamed out every possible scenario. Chelsea had a plan for what to do if they were 1-0 up 0-1 down or any other possibility.

More than this though the players believed in the plan enough to work tirelessly to execute it.

Manchester United against Everton either didn't have a plan or the plan was inept and/or the players didn't care enough to try to implement it.

Either way the Everton match showed that Moyes had to go. He was simply not good enough.

Source: DSG

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