Even Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo needs Jose Mourinho

07 March 2009 03:47
Uefa should simply have issued the following statement: "We understand that Mr Mourinho never made it as a player like the distinguished Mr Rijkaard, a former European Cup-winner with AC Milan and Ajax and a champion of Europe with Holland. We understand, therefore, that this sense of inferiority means Mr Mourinho feels a desperate need to resort to stunts. "We know that Mr Mourinho seeks to influence games by questioning referees. We at Uefa also know that Mr Frisk is an outstanding official. As Mr Mourinho desires the very best referees, Mr Frisk will handle all Chelsea's games in Europe for the following 12 months.'' Admonish him, yes. But also cherish him. English football lost some colour when Mourinho left. When Rafa Benitez quits Liverpool there will be tears on the Kop but shrugs of indifference everywhere else. For all his histrionics, Mourinho is essentially great fun. He would stroll into Cobham and reveal his concern for dying swans in Scotland. He would march in after the FA Cup final to declare London safe because his terrier had left town. What an entertainer. And, as Ronaldo discovered, Mourinho has a heart. Welcome back, Jose. Next time, come back for good.

Source: Telegraph

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