England must appoint a manager soon - Martin Samuel

28 March 2012 07:49
The problem with being England manager is that everybody thinks your job is easy. They think all you do is pick a team. And anybody can pick a team. In a newspaper office, in the pub, at home, on Twitter, bored at work, we can all sit down, make a list of our favourite 11 English players and throw down the gauntlet, as Sir Bobby Robson did before his first match with Denmark.

Asked if he had a message for his opponents, Robson spun his piece of paper on to the desk defiantly. 'This is my team,' he said, 'and we're coming to get you.' They drew 2-2.

Clearly, though, judging by the dried-up tumbleweed blowing gently across the forecourt at Wembley Stadium, the Football Association still believe all the next England manager has to do is get 23 names in some form of order at least 10 days before the first match of the European  Championship and the ship is set fair.

Source: Daily_Mail