Docherty: Moyes will never be Fergie

12 November 2013 12:26

Former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty has said David Moyes will never come close to matching the achievements of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

Despite the vote of no confidence, Docherty does believe Moyes is the right man to have replaced the peerless Ferguson.

"I feel sorry for David Moyes,” said the 85-year-old. “How can you replace Fergie's record? You could live to be one million years old and not see it surpassed.

"But two years ago, when people started asking me who I thought would replace Fergie, I said Moyes and Martin O'Neill.

"Alex was the man behind his appointment. He did an incredible job at Everton with the resources he had at his disposal.

"He consolidated things and built a good team. A lot of people say, 'Oh, he never won anything with Everton' but that's unfair. There are very few prizes to go around at the end of a season.

In a rather carefree interview at his induction to the Scottish Football Hall of Fame at Hampden Park, Docherty said that if Moyes fails at least he will have a handsome redundancy package to console himself with.

"The great thing for David is he has a six-year contract so, if they sack him next year, they'll need to give him five million pounds,” said the former Scotland boss.

"If you are a failure as a manager today, you are a millionaire. You don't need to win anything. But I think David Moyes is an excellent manager and I hope things work out for him."

Docherty knows better than most of the pressures Moyes is under at the post-Fergie Old Trafford.

He became United manager after the great Matt Busby in 1972, but struggled to impose himself despite spending five tumultuous years in Manchester.

"I'm hoping David does well because he's a great coach and a very nice man as well but managing United is different from managing any other club because of all the politics: Henry Kissinger wouldn't have lasted 24 hours at Old Trafford.

"When I tried to sign [England goalkeeper] Peter Shilton from Stoke, Sir Matt Busby said we're not paying £200,000 for any player.

“Then, when I told him that Stoke were paying him £2,000 a week, he said that we wouldn't be paying anyone that much. Anyone I wanted to sign had to be Sir Matt's choice too."

Moyes’ is beginning to look as if he is finally getting to grips with the United hotseat though.

Last week saw his Manchester United team gain a precious Champions League point at Real Sociedad before conquering table-toppers Arsenal at Old Trafford.


Source: DSG