Cristiano Ronaldo: The Prodigal Son?

21 December 2012 09:24

Cristiano Ronaldo will, for the very first time, play against his old club Manchester United in a game which deserves this football season’s top billing. His sensational 80million pounds transfer from Old Trafford to the Santiago Bernabeu did not go down very well with Sir Alex Ferguson or the fans at Old Trafford. His discontent in his last few days at Manchester United became the matter of much public speculation via the English press.

For the first leg of the Champions League, Rooney and company will be travelling to Madrid where a not-too-friendly reception awaits them. The Madrid spectators will be curious to see how their top-star fares against his old club. For the Portuguese international, of course it will be an emotional game but the guile of Mourinho could spur him on and bring out his very best. The Ozils and Benzemas will have an important role in that match but all eyes will be set on Ronaldo.

Since his transfer to Real Madrid, the 2011-12 season saw the Bernabeu team win the La Liga a record 32nd time with Cristiano Ronaldo being the fastest player to reach 100 goals in Spanish league history. He also became the first player ever to score against all the other 19 La Liga teams in one season. With his goals the former Man.Utd legend has helped Real Madrid face up to the endless challenges thrown down by their bitter rivals Barcelona. Ronaldo’s sudden burst of speed and on-the-ball skills will certainly keep his old teammates Ferdinand and Vidic busy and Sir Alex in all likelihood will devise a plan to cut off the supply to Old Trafford’s former favourite son.

The Portuguese star has often been accused of diving and seeking the attention of the referee under valid strong challenges in crunch matches. It remains to be seen whether he will be employing all those tricks too against his former team-mates. At the Bernabeu he would get the required vocal support for his every move but at Old Trafford he could meet with loud jeers; the Man.United fans and footballers (Wayne Rooney in particular) being no strangers to his anctics.

Football fans across the world will be watching with bated breath the two Supremo Clasicos , if one can call it that, to enjoy high-quality football from two of the top football clubs in the world. They want to know the answer to:

Who will win gain the upper hand: Sir Alex or Jose Mourinho ?

Who will prevail: Los Blancos or the Red Devils?

Who will be the star: Ronaldo or Rooney?

The football world is waiting.

Source: DSG