Cesc Deal is Alive

25 July 2013 12:45
Fabregas is afraid to anger his current lover.

Just when the rest of us thought we were going mad and looking for the nearest psychiatric ward to feel sane again, and to feel like Manchester United aren't playing the biggest courtship of unrequieted love ever with Cesc Fabregas, the bloody saga goes on.

New reports have suggested a new logic as to why United and Ed Woodward (Chief Exec or something like that!)have not jumped off the nearest Spanish cliff in an attempt to be recognised by Fabregas who is playing the cool, hard to get kind of guy. But like every guy, it seems that the notorious unlocker of defensive charms is keeping his REAL feelings to himself.

The new plot says that Fabregas is open to being courted by the Lotharios from Old Trafford but is afraid of the backlash if he openly shuns the attentions of the lady (Barcelona) he is currently in an official relationship with!

It is being suggested that Fabregas would be open to a move to Old Trafford to help cement his inclusion in Spain's defence of their World Cup crown in Brazil next summer and to team up again with former Arsenal team-mate Robin van Persie.

But reports claim Fabregas does not want to be seen by the Barca fans as pushing towards the exit door, so (secretly) he would prefer the club to accept an offer which would give him the opportunity to depart, and be a bigger fish in a slightly smaller pond at Old Trafford, as opposed to being a medium sized fish in a Big pond at Camp Nou.

Source: United Mad