Captain Rock no longer?

10 July 2013 11:20
Serbian Stalwart sits it out. Nemanja Vidic has been a surprise omission from United’s pre-season tour to Asia.

This, of course has put the rumour mill into overdrive with various media sources saying he is on the verge of an imminent tranfer.

 Lets stack up the evidence to see if 2+2 do indeed make 4.

Vidic’s agent rubbished rumours about a week ago that the Warrior captain was contemplating leaving.

Vidic attended the press conference ‘unveiling’ of David Moyes as the Club Captain.  At same press conference he noted the hunger of the players in training, as well as citing that he was looking forward to working with Moyes. 

Does that look & sound like a boy on the way out? That was only last Friday.

 I know. I know. A week is a long time in football!  But give me some credit for figuring that Vidic has more loyalty than that!

The only puzzling factor is United’s lack of explanation. The explanation that would assuage the fears of the Red Faithful. The explanation that quenches the media dramatics.  The explanation that makes the red hordes relax knowing that their Captain is omitted for some innocuous reason.  

 United are a media machine and are well schooled in action & consequence.

The Captain doesn’t make the pre-season tour squad then cue a barrage of inquisition. That seems like logic, indeed common sense. Especially as Nani, Ashley Young, and Chris Smalling were the injuries singled out at last Friday’s press conference. Why then is there no word on Vidic? 

 Maybe United are busy trying to get twitter off the ground while Alex is still on holidays touring the Scottish Hebrides :-)

Source: United Mad