Blake quietens critics

20 August 2009 03:18
Robbie Blake hopes Burnley's amazing 1-0 win over Manchester United has shut the mouths of a few of his club's critics. Already favourites to head straight back down to the Championship following their play-off triumph at Wembley last term, the Clarets looked even more certain to take the big drop after their opening day defeat at Stoke. "It is nice to shut a few people up. Certain people have written us off so quickly. " he said. "We were by far the better team at Stoke on Saturday but let ourselves down with a couple of defensive errors. "Yet we got slated. Hopefully we have surprised a few people with this result and maybe there will be more to come." No-one could quibble at the quality of Blake's match-winner. The 33-year-old was in exactly the right place to latch onto Patrice Evra's clearing header and let fly with a right-footed volley that flashed in at the near post before Ben Foster had a chance to move. "It is a natural thing," said Blake. "You just have to keep your eye on the ball until the last minute and release it. "It either flies into Row Z or ends up in the back of the net. Luckily, it went in."

Source: Eurosport