Are Manchester City poised to overtake Manchester United?

19 January 2010 09:42
Fans of both clubs would have scoffed at the suggestion until recently, but City's unrivalled wealth and United's debt are threatening to nudge the pendulum towards Eastlands.

Less than five years ago, Manchester United plc was the envy of the sporting world, and with a team based around the remarkable Cristiano Ronaldo they won the World Club Championship last January. This season however, United have appeared remarkably vulnerable, with a crippling debt of £699 and an ageing team in need of investment.

Sir Alex Ferguson discounts threat posed by Manchester CityBut while United are teetering over a financial black hole, City have emerged as the world's richest club with the backing of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan. Where United have debt, City have a cash mountain.

But is money alone enough to tip the balance? Or do you agree with David Beckham, who said yesterday: "City will never be bigger than United. Being successful and one of the most recognised clubs in the world doesn't come from money. It's about history.'

Is Beckham right? Have your say below?

Source: Telegraph