Are Arsenal Fans So Lacking In Class?

26 April 2013 01:04
Arsene Wenger has asked Arsenal fans to respect Robin van Persie and the rest of the Manchester United team as they are given a guard of honour by Arsenal for winning the league title.

Van Persie returns to the Emirates Stadium for the first time since his move to Old Trafford and there has been talk of there being something of a hostile reception waiting for him from the Gunners faithful.

The fans are also not happy about the guard of honour as it obviously sticks in their throats that their side has turned into nothing more than an average Premiership side while United continue to pile up the trophies.

There is even talk of the Arsenal fans turning their backs on United and 'doing the Poznan', a celebration stolen by Manchester City from their short journey into Europe. This of course, would prove once and for all that the fans involved have absolutely no class about them.

But Wenger is more than happy for proceedings to go ahead saying that he is a big believer in tradition, and this is an English tradition. In 1991, United honoured Arsenal's title winning side in the same way.

Wenger told reporters: "I want the English tradition of the guard of honour to continue, I’m French but I work in England, and I respect this tradition."

Source: United Mad


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