Anderson: England's failure a long-running story

23 January 2011 10:30
Manchester United midfield star Anderson has suggested a novel reason for England's failure at the World Cup - they run too much. Anderson was the energetic heartbeat in United's 5-0 win over Birmingham at Old Trafford on Saturday. Yet the former Porto man is not quite the non-stop bulldozer many would believe. Instead, Anderson feels the ball has to do the hard work, which is something he is convinced England have not grasped. "Fitness is a priority but it is more important to make the ball do the work," he told United Review. "You don't need to run all over the pitch. It is much better to pass the ball well from one point to another. "It can move faster than you can, so you should keep football simple and pass the ball as much as possible. In England, sometimes people think you aren't very good if you don't run around a lot. "But I think that is one of the reasons why England don't do very well at World Cup finals. They run around too much."

Source: PA