After a disastrous stint at Manchester United what's next for David Moyes?

25 April 2014 09:12

Following David Moyes' dismissal as United boss fans are pleased that his short spell at the helm has come to an end. As the long and unpleasant chapter he has added to the United record books is finally closed most fans are looking for the next man to switch the United powerhouse back on. One thing is certain however, they won't let Ferguson hook another duck. So United look toward another new future as Moyes slips out of the back door with his head held in shame, but where does he go from here?

Hundreds of managers have been sacked over the years, it's not as if Moyes is the first. Most either move on to another club or take a break and return to management later. Moyes is different however, he has had so many questions asked of his talent, demeanour and decisions that any club who appoints him would be opening up a serious can of worms. If Moyes moved to a new club his failure would hang like an ominous thundercloud. Any club who hires the Scot would not be able to live it down with its fans, no fan on earth would want their team to undergo a Moyes makeover, and why would they? His ten months in Manchester have also seen his record at Everton questioned, with Martinez taking the club from strength to strength. This leaves Moyes with his credentials in tatters, how will his job applications stand out?

So if Moyes cannot get a new job he could simply wait for all this to blow over and for his monumental failure to be cast to the back of chairmen's minds. However, this will not wash well among fans either, as his 6 year contract at United was worth around £30 million. As he is sacked one years worth of his contract will be paid out (still a figure in the millions) and he will be bankrolled to sit around reminiscing about his 2-0 loss to Everton that finally relieved him of his duties and let him enjoy unemployment. If he does decides to take time out from managing following the United job he certainly won't be asked for any autographs while he wanders around the Trafford Centre, or while he walks his dog in Stanley Park for that matter.

Moyes is in a "catch 22" situation, if he joins another club the fans will resent him and it will be difficult to work. If he takes a break to burn some of his "failure fund" then he will become a hated figure among all football fans and leave an unforgettable legacy of failure along with a permanently tarnished character. So what should he do next? Would you like to see him at your club?

Only time will tell for Moyes, if he does slink into a new club he will still face major problems. He lost the respect of United players which led to his untimely demise and he would not command much respect from players at a new club given his performance and conduct at United. Another problem would be transfers, he struggled to sign players for the title holders while he was still touted as "the chosen one." If I was a player I would be extremely wary of joining the Moyes revolution at any one of the 92 clubs in the football league. During his reign at United he spoke about players transferring for the good of their careers, now it seems they would be committing career suicide by joining a team with him in charge. A further problem would be lack of confidence in the football genius, which could make it difficult to succeed at a new club. If he is not to be trusted with a transfer kitty he cannot improve squads with money, and would he be able to drag up performances with rousing half-time pep talks? Mr Moyes limping into your dressing room would not exactly instil you with the confidence to go out and win matches. It will be difficult for Moyes to build up his reputation again if he faces these problems in the way of achieving success elsewhere.

Maybe Moyes will become some sort of failure consultant, going around assessing clubs to make sure they are not making his mistakes and advising clubs on the dos and don'ts of management; or maybe he'll join your club.

Source: DSG