Adnan Januzaj V Raheem Sterling: Which One Would You Prefer in Your Team?

11 January 2014 08:57

There is no doubting that these two teenagers are the hottest prospects in the Premier League at the moment. Both Januzaj and Sterling are beginning to mature into exceptional wingers, who will no doubt be tormenting defenses for the next couple of decades. It is hard to separate the current form of both players as well as the abundance of promising potential they both possess: however comparisons can be made to justify a preference.

There is no doubting that the only shining light so far in Manchester United’s dismal season is their Belgian starlet. The Red Devils are desperately seeking positives to keep them motivated and fighting for top honors, and the performances of Januzaj is reason enough for Moyes team of under achievers to keep the faith.

The 18 year old has appeared in 14 leagues games for United so far this season; 6 of them as a substitute. He has picked up 3 goals and 2 assists but probably the most amazing statistic from this season is that he has been fouled 41 times. Is this a result of him frustrating his opponents or do we have another David Ginola on our hands? Either way, after recently signing a long-term contract to stay at Old Trafford, he has the potential to be a major figure for Manchester United and also Belgium.

What about Raheem Sterling? Well his season stats are quite similar to Januzaj. He has made 15 league appearances for Liverpool this season, and 6 as a substitute. He also has 3 goals and 2 assists to his name, but has only suffered half the amount of fouls. I am aware that this statistic may seem irrelevant but it still is quite interesting to add this to the comparison.

The blistering form Sterling has been in since the beginning of December bodes well for the rest of the season for both him personally as well as Liverpools prospects of a top four finish. He seems like he has gained a lot more confidence in his own ability recently and a lot of credit must go down to the way in which Brendan Rodgers has nurtured him in such a professional manner.

Promising young players need the correct guidance to reach their full potential and mature into world class stars. Looking at Januzaj and Sterling, it would be fair to say that currently Sterling is in a much more stable and positive environment as Liverpool continue to progress while United’s form is the worst in decades.

Will Januzaj stay at Old Trafford if United fail to qualify for the Champions League and he stars at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil? Could the same question be asked of Sterling? Only time will tell.

As a Liverpool supporter, I would have to say the ever increasing confidence that Sterling is showing gives him the slight edge over Januzaj, but I would say that I suppose…


Source: DSG