Zabaleta - The Strikers Are Not The Problem!

26 November 2013 12:15
Pablo Zabaleta is disappointed by Manchester City's points haul even though they are only two points adrift of second-placed Liverpool.

Pablo Zabaleta: "We have 22 points.

"That is six behind Arsenal.

"We should have more than that.

"Even though we have not played that well away from home, we should have maybe two or three more points that we lost in crucial away games.

"Mistakes have cost us points. Sometimes when you cannot win it is important not to lose.

"We know at the moment we are playing very well at home.

"It is important to play with the same attitude and ambition away from home.

"We know we have dropped so many points in away games. That is bad for the team.

"But there is still a long way to go and hopefully our performances away from home will improve.

"We know the quality we have in the front players.

"They can score at any time in the game.

"That is why we always talk about how important it is to keep clean sheets.

"If we do that we know we are going to score some goals.

"Obviously you don't expect to win 6-0 against a very strong team like Tottenham. Sometimes it happens. And on this occasion we deserved it."



Source: Manchester City MAD