Wigan - Always A Rugby Town!

11 May 2013 10:21
Roberto Martinez will feel the support of the whole of Wigan behind his side when they walk out at Wembley for the FA Cup final later today.

Wigan have long lived in the shadow of the town's rugby league team, who are no strangers to trips to Wembley themselves, and respective allegiances have divided the town.

Roberto Martinez: "It is great to see the posters and the flags. We always have this unique way of supporting our two sporting clubs. People think the rugby and football are separate. It is not true.

"Even in the semi-final we had incredible support from the rugby people. We are representing the whole town.

"The success of the two clubs is important for our town. Only sport can bring people together like this. It is something the players are well aware of. It is going to be an emotional day.

"The role of the FA Cup finalist is one you have to accept. There are a billion people watching this game. That is incredible. To be in a position like that is something you need to embrace.

"Our best football this season was when we went to Everton in a similar situation. Not many people expected us to perform in that manner. Hopefully we can keep that freedom.

"Winning the FA Cup would be there forever.

"Just arriving in the final is a photographic moment in the history of our football club. Winning a major trophy would take our club to a different level.

"When we signed Roger Espinoza he was already a Wigan fan, which makes you aware our exposure around the world is bigger than many people think. But this is as good as it gets and we need to take advantage."

Source: Manchester City MAD