Whelan defends City spending

18 September 2010 02:19
| Submit Comments| Comments (25)| Printable Version1/1Play SlideshowClose MapSheikh MansourDave Whelan has pointed the finger at City?s critics. The Wigan Athletic chairman claims he would love to be in the Blues? position right now and says too many people within footballing circles are simply jealous of the club and their Eastlands empire. Whelan, whose club face Roberto Mancini?s side tomorrow, told MEN Sport: ?People who keep saying what City are doing is not good for football would do exactly the same if they were in City?s boots. ?Don?t tell me they wouldn?t be splashing the cash, buying top players ? I know I certainly would. ?I also wish we at Wigan Athletic were in the fortunate position of having a very wealthy backer from the Middle East pumping millions into the club. ?Don?t forget it?s all City?s money, so they are entitled to spend it how they want and good luck to them, I say. They have become incredibly wealthy. ?People have also been saying it?s not right for just one club to become so powerful ? the same thing used to be said of Chelsea not so long ago, but that?s now fading. ?Everybody seems to want to have a pop at City. There?s so much jealousy around. Those who are knocking City would give anything to be in the same position and have the same kind of opportunities. ?I always look forward to welcoming City to Wigan, it?s always a good game and they have a great set of supporters who are as good as anyone around. ?The City fans are tremendously loyal, they deserve to see their team be successful. "I remember playing City in the old third division in front of 40,000 fans at Maine Road. ?City have become a force and they are aiming high and, in Gary Cook, they have a man in charge who can go on to become one of the Premier League?s leading administrators. ?I?ve known Gary for a long time. He?s been in the sports business all his life. He?s a very good operator and I know just how ambitious he is.? Wigan manager Roberto Martinez is bracing his team for a tough test. He said: ?I really do feel it?s only a matter of time before City are competing to win the Premier League. "They are going to be challenging for the title very soon ? there?s no two ways about that ? and we must try to make it difficult for them. ?City have assembled probably the best squad of 20 footballers anywhere in the world right now so that?s obviously a fantastic position to be in. We look forward to facing them.?| Submit Comments| Comments (25)| Printable VersionAdd A CommentEnter your comments:Sending

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