West Ham 1 City 3: Verdict

15 December 2010 12:18
| Submit Comments| Comments (20)| Printable Version1/1Play SlideshowClose MapThis match was billed, earlier in the week, as a chance to find out what life would be like without Carlos Tevez. Few  knew then that it would be much more than academic exercise, and that the euphoria of another highly competent away display would soon subside into the grim reality that City may now have to REALLY cope without their skipper, top goalscorer and main icon. News began to filter through as the happy City fans made their way back up the M6 that Tevez had put in a written transfer request. As well as taking the shine off City?s day in the sun, as they sat proudly alongside Arsenal at the top of the table, it also cast a new light on what those fans had just seen. And, despite a comfortable victory and some lovely football, the stark truth is that without Tevez, the Blues? credentials to maintain a challenge are seriously under question.

Source: Man_City

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