Wenger Backs Mancini!

13 May 2013 12:08
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is chief of the 'Manager's Union' and has ALWAYS backed under-fire managers.

So it is no shock to see him defend the City boss this morning.

Wenger reckons Manchester City will be making a big mistake if they sack Mancini, but then again, what else did we expect?

Mancini is likely to pay the price for ending this term without a trophy.

As well as surrendering the Premier League title to rivals United, City also crashed out of the Champions League group stages and suffered a loss to relegation-threatened Wigan in Saturday's FA Cup final.

Arsene Wenger: "I am against (short-termism) because I believe stability is needed inside the clubs for people who represent the values that a club wants to carry though.

"Inside the club it is important to have people who represent these values.

"The manager can be one of these people if he has been there a long time."


Source: Manchester City MAD