We are fighting a losing battle against Manchester City's transfer bullies, says Harry Redknapp

05 May 2010 08:55
Harry Redknapp has exposed Manchester City's aggressive transfer tactics on the eve of Tottenham's duel against England's richest club for a place in the Champions League.

Redknapp believes City, with their Arab owners, are certain to win the Barclays Premier League within 'three or four years', and he revealed how they bullied Spurs out of a bid for Craig Bellamy in January last year. 

Where do we go now? Redknapp says it is ust a matter of time before Man City buy the Premier League title

The Spurs manager said: 'We tried to sign Bellamy and, at the same time, we were after Wilson Palacios as well.

'Then they came and said: 'If you don't drop out of Bellamy, we'll sign Palacios and you won't get either of them'. We had no choice, really.

Some you win, some you lose: City gazumped Spurs to Bellamy's (right) signature, but Palacios joined Redknapp at White Hart Lane

'They can do it. They've got clout. They wanted Bellamy badly. We couldn't cope withthe money they offered Bellamy anyway. Ninety-nine per cent of players will go where the extra 20 grand is. It's natural, human nature.'

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Source: Daily_Mail