WAG of the week: Raffaella Fico

13 July 2012 12:20

Undoubtedly the award of 'WAG of the week' goes to Raffaella Fico. Fico is of course the ex of one Mario Balotelli who this week wrote a public letter to him insisting that he is the father of her unborn child.

Fico, 27, has also agreed to have a paternity test on the unborn child to prove her claims.

The Man City striker's pregnant ex wrote an emotional open letter in Italian magazine, Chi, stating that she is “deeply hurt” by Italian footballer Mario, suggesting that she is cashing in on the pregnancy.

In her open letter, Raffaella tells Mario: “This child I desire with all my heart and I want it because it is not a child that arrived by chance but instead it is the fruit of love between two people and you know well what I am talking about."

"I’m writing this letter because I was left deeply hurt as a woman but also as a mother by what you said in your cold statement"

“This letter was the only way I could speak to you. I am happy to take the DNA test but I still have the text messages you sent me from Krakow [during Euro 2012] in which you said you were happy with the news I had given you."

Balotelli and Fico had a stormy year long relationship that ended in a doorstep row in April 2012 over his alleged cheating.

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Source: DSG