The Year that Man City Hope to Forget

13 May 2013 09:01

The Blue side of Manchester must be shaking their heads over the year that their team has had and the lack of silverware that they have won. When City was purchased back in August of 2008 by the Abu Dhabi United Group, the future looked very bright indeed. City would now have the money to purchase world class players and compete in the transfer market with cross city rivals Manchester United.

Over the last four years, City has spent more than any other team in football. They have acquired so many great players, that some of them are forced to sit the bench because there just isn’t enough football for everyone. They have bought players for extraordinary amounts of money and then sent them packing. (Robinho £32.5 million, Adebayor £25 million and Balotelli £20 million)

After winning the Premier League, FA Cup and the Community Shield, Manchester City looked to be almost unstoppable, but somewhere along the way they lost themselves and began fall apart. It is hard to point to just one thing. It would be easy if you could say that the players hate the manager, the manager can’t get along with the front office, and the front office is more about profits, than about the team on the field. All of this could not be further from the truth.

Mancini has had a few differences with a couple of players, but is far from losing the locker room. Management has opened their wallet wide open without question. All we have to fall back on is the players themselves. There is no doubt that there are great players on this team. The question is why they can’t seem to get it together and perform as one. They show moments of brilliance to be followed by moments of breakdowns.

It looks that Mancini may be on his way out and that several players will soon follow in search of more playing time. If the manager is replaced, the incoming manager looks to have to start over and rebuild a team that has no reason to be rebuilt.

Source: DSG