The Best Tackle Of The Match - And Kompany Gets Sent Off!

13 January 2013 11:42
Vincent Kompany tonight vowed to not change his approach to tackling after his red card in the 2-0 win at Arsenal.

The Belgian was sent off by Mike Dean for a challenge on Jack Wilshere, but what the hell was the referee thinking about?

Vincent Kompany on Twitter: "First. Massive congrats to our team and fans, great game! Also. No grudges against the referee, I understand the difficulty of the job.

"About the tackle: If the ball is overrun by the opponent and a 50/50 challenge occurs, collision is inevitable.

"Ultimately I'm a defender: Appeal may work or not. I will never pull out of a challenge, as much as I will never intend to injure a player."

Source: Manchester City MAD