Strange Defence From Celebrating Mourinho

28 October 2013 01:33
Oh dear . a bit of handbags at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Pellegrini was incensed and at the final whistle refused to shake hands with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, who celebrated the goal with supporters behind the visitors' dugout.

Pellegrini said: "I didn't shake hands. I didn't want to shake hands."

Mourinho had no complaints with Pellegrini and insisted he entered the crowd to share his joy with his son, who has a season ticket.

Jose Mourinho: "I don't feel it is a lack of respect.

"If he was sad because of the result, I understand. If he was sad thinking that I was doing something wrong by going to celebrate there, I accept that too. No problem.

"Chelsea is guilty. They have to give my kid tickets behind my dugout."

Source: Manchester City MAD