Silva's Dream - To Win Champions League

03 November 2013 01:39
David Silva has set his sights on winning the UEFA Champions League.

David Silva: "We are definitely in the driving seat to qualify now, having won our last match in Moscow.

"It was three very important points and a real step towards qualification.

"And that has been the objective, because in the last two seasons - although we've had difficult groups - we've not managed to get beyond that stage.

"So that's what we need to do this season.

"From a personal point of view, the trophy I've not yet won is the Champions League.

"Hopefully, I'll get a chance to win that one before I retire - that would be great.

"I think there is still room for improvement. Things are heading in the right direction but I think we maybe need to have a tighter unit.

"But once that is done, I think we will be a very good team and tough to beat.

"I think my career in itself feels complete now but it doesn't stop you wanting to improve all the time as a person and a player. Each year you start again, want to learn, work hard and keep winning - whether it is complete or not.

"The Champions League is the real motivation. Every trophy you could win serves as a source of motivation.

"You want to get better each year and win more and more.

"And, from a personal point of view, I want to win the Champions League."

Source: Manchester City MAD