Punishment For CSKA 'Not Enough'!

01 November 2013 11:24
Premier League managers have reacted with disappointment to the punishment handed to CSKA Moscow over racist chanting directed at Manchester City's Yaya Toure.

One end of the Khimki Arena will now be shut when Bayern Munich visit on 27 November but Premier League bosses believe such sanctions are not sufficiently severe.

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "Not enough, it's just not enough."

Newcastle boss Alan Pardew: "I think UEFA and FIFA need to have a policy that is strong, very strong.

"I think it's becoming an issue in stadiums in certain parts of Europe that needs to be addressed and the only way to address it is with incisive action.

"We've done that in this country and we've done pretty well at it. Hopefully they can put something in place that eradicates that because it's the last thing anyone wants to see in modern society."

Norwich manager Chris Hughton: "What they have done is acted very quickly.

"Clubs are now aware of what can happen and I'm quite sure that if it does continue to happen, the sanctions will get stronger."

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers: "I think it's a start. The more awareness of these types of issues - he was brave, Yaya, to come out and do what he did - is another step towards eradicating it."

Source: Manchester City MAD