Pele claims Robinho confusion

25 March 2009 05:16
Brazilian legend Pele has stressed that his alleged comments about Manchester City star Robinho were a 'misunderstanding'. Robinho recently demanded that Pele retract his comments suggesting that the 25-year-old forward used drugs, while also threatening legal action. Pele, though, has moved to play down the row, insisting that he was misinterpreted. "He is our son and came out of Santos, where he had our supervision," Pele said on "What happened was a misunderstanding and the information was brought to him wrongly. I know how it is for those who must sell newspapers. "When things like this happen, it is necessary to ask to listen to the tape, to hear what was really said." Pele's advisor went into further detail about the exact nature of the misunderstanding. "There's nothing to this, Pele never said that Robinho had problems with drugs," he told Terra. "His answer was distorted. Pele was asked about problems in football, and said that the problems are few compared to other sports. "He said that in football only (Diego) Maradona, Ronaldo and Robinho had really had problems, but he never talked about drugs at any moment." Pele's reported comments came after the 68-year-old was allegedly recorded without his knowledge at a private event in Brazil, before being broadcast on Brazilian radio and reported elsewhere.

Source: SKY_Sports