Nobody To Challenge Joe Hart

28 January 2013 11:02
Man City keeper Joe Hart may not being having his best season, but even at 90% he is head and shoulders above the rest in the England camp.

He is top dog for the foreseeable future in England colours, unless someone comes out of the blue.

England had a rich tradition of high class keepers through the years, but where are they now?

I wouldn't even say there is a 'decent' option behind Hart, and you only have to look at Rob Green's number of caps to realise how desperate we are.

For God's sake . has there ever been a WORSE goalkeeper than Green represent our country?

Obviously we lack 'experienced' international keepers because Hart will always be the first option.

They need more opportunities in the friendlies that we play, obviously, but there isn't one that sticks out.

So it's Catch 22.

It's a problem for the England coach . but at the end of the day . I'm sure Joe is happy to let him get on with it. 

Source: Manchester City MAD