No Split Between City And United Players

21 March 2013 10:25
Joe Hart insists there is a good relationship amongst the City and United players when on England duty despite their intense rivalry at club level.

Joe Hart: "Do I talk to the United players? Of course, you have got to be able to. It's not personal.

"It's definitely not a personal thing. What they are doing is exactly what I want to be doing right now this year.

"It was vice versa last year. That's just how it is and the same with the Chelsea boys, the same with the Tottenham boys. We are all fighting for something with England.

"We are not fighting each other. We are fighting for our teams and our clubs and you have to be selfish in those terms.

"When you come away with England it has gone, we are playing for England and we are fighting for England, that is what we move forward with."



Source: Manchester City MAD