Negredo Or Dzeko? The Pellegrini Question

14 September 2013 11:13
Manuel Pellegrini concedes he does not know his best striking combination.

But he expects Alvaro Negredo to build on the superb start he has made at the club.

Manuel Pellegrini: "I think that in every game he played he did very well.

"He has scored in all the matches so I hope we will see the best of Negredo, that I saw in Spain for the last seven, eight years.

"He was a very young player when I was at Real Madrid.

"He started there and after that, every year, he has been a very important striker in Spain. He will be here in England also.

"We have four important players for that combination.

"Alvaro Negredo is always a very important option, Edin Dzeko is exactly the same.

"They are different players but they are both very good players, so the important thing is how useful both are for the team.

"They have competition always for a place but they can play together also, so they are two important players for the team.

"We have to play seven games in 21 days, so the most important thing is not the 11 that start, but the performance of each player in every game.

"All the players we have, if they give a high performance, have the option to play."

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