Nasri 'We Have Meant To Do This For Three Years!'

06 November 2013 01:09
Playmaker Samir Nasri believes Manchester City are only just getting started in the Champions League.

Samir Nasri: "This is something that we really have wanted to do for the past three years and we did it, so we are very happy."It's a big achievement for the club because this is the first time we've gone beyond the group stages, but there is still a long way to go."A club like Manchester City isn't just going to be happy reaching the last 16. We want to get as far as we possibly can in this competition."As a team we've progressed and, even if the past two seasons have been tough and we've had difficult groups, if we work as a team, we have time to get better and better because the next round isn't until February."

Source: Manchester City MAD