Mourinho Lates - Moving On And Snubbing FIFA

20 March 2013 12:45
Jose Mourinho dismissed reports that he has reached an agreement with Real Madrid to leave at the end of the season.

Jose Mourinho: "I have no agreement with Real Madrid to go. I have signed nothing, that's a nonsense.

"The criticism? Nothing affects me, nothing bothers me.

"I do not go crazy nor do I get depressed. Nothing motivates me more than my own motivation.

"My future? I am not training outside of Spain, England, Italy or France.

"I was nominated for the 2012 FIFA Ballon d'Or Coach of the Year award, but I did not attend the gala.

"I don't regret not attending the gala at all.

"One, two or three people phoned me to tell me that they had voted for me and later, when the list of votes was published, another name appeared by their votes. That was why I decided not to go to the gala.

"I'm accusing FIFA of irregularities in the vote for best manager in the world.

"There was a lack of transparency.

"FIFA was aware of these irregularities, knowing they were there, but did nothing to avoid them."

Source: Manchester City MAD