Mancini fires goal warning to City rivals

06 December 2010 01:33
| Submit Comments| Comments (27)| Printable Version1/1Play SlideshowClose MapBLUES RALLY: Roberto ManciniManchester City Roberto Mancini reckons someone is going to come in for a hammering once the Blues click in front of goal. City earned a narrow 1-0 win against Bolton on Saturday, but should have won by a greater margin. Mancini, who claimed he would have scored two or three if he had played, said: ?Missing chances is not a problem - it is important to have a lot of them. ?A moment will arrive when we will score three goals in four or five games. We were missing in three games - against Blackburn, Birmingham and Bolton, when we must have missed 14 goals. ?But we have created a lot of chances, and that is the most important thing.? Do you agree? Have your say.

Source: Man_City