Mancini Asks 'Do You Want To Kill Him?'

27 April 2013 11:49
Roberto Mancini would have voted for Luis Suarez as Premier League player of the season despite his bite on Branislav Ivanovic.

Roberto Mancini: "He made a mistake, he said sorry to everyone, do you want to kill him? He has got his punishment. It's finished."I'm sure we will (be better) because we made some mistakes this season but we showed when we played United that we are like them."We need to change our mentality in some situations. When we play games that we think are easy, if you don't play 100 per cent and don't defend or attack well and play a strong game - we lost games against Sunderland, Southampton, we didn't win against QPR and West Ham and Chelsea, games where we lost stupid points where we could win."I hope that next season all the teams can be improved and all the other teams will be better than this year and five or six teams will play for the title."In the last two years, only us and United play for the title. I hope that next season it will be Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal, that would be better for the championship."There are some moments where some teams like Bayern and Borussia play very well and play fantastic football and maybe next year they will not play like that in the crucial moment."I don't think that Real are worse than Borussia but Borussia deserved to win."It's one game. It's not one season. Why can't we beat Bayern or Borussia next season? Last season Dortmund went out in the Champions League group stage."

Source: Manchester City MAD