Manchester City's Toure Song: Chelsea and Arsenal fans love it

05 November 2013 09:24

Manchester City fans love singing the Toure brother’s name to the tune of 2 Unlimited’s 90’s hit ‘no limit’. The song itself has become a favourite amongst all football fans and they have not been shy in joining in.

In October Newcastle city centre was brought to a standstill. Roads were blocked and cars stopped in their tracks as football fans left nightclubs and bars to dance and sing the Yaya and brother Kolo Toure song.

A Manchester City fan studying in Newcastle has a flatmate who is a Chelsea supporter and loved the Toure song after hearing it and seeing the dance. They both left a nightclub and began singing and dancing in the street and before they knew it the street was full of clubber's joining in. The clubber's reportedly included Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle and Sunderland fans. The video has been posted on media websites and has become a sensation.

The madness did not stop in Newcastle and the same happened in Sligo, Ireland when again clubber's left a nightclub and could not resist starting the Toure song and lasted for 30 minutes. Things got a little out of hand with some revellers climbing on top of cars and swinging their tops around their head as if their team had just won the

Champions League. There has also been incidents in Magaluf and in Madrid where the locals could not help but join in with the song and dance of the infectious tune.

Manchester City fans came up with the song when Yaya and Kolo Toure both played for City last year but the song is still going strong and appears to be uniting fans on the streets. The brothers also could not help but have a go for a Manchester City Christmas special.

A word of warning to anyone who owns a bar, pub or nightclub – do not play 2 Unlimited ‘no limit’ when Manchester City are in town, or in fact at any time near last orders, you could be in for a sleepless night.


Source: DSG

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