Manchester City will fight on next season

17 April 2013 09:00

Sir Alex Ferguson has certainly made sure that Manchester United punished there City rivals after what they feel ‘snatching’ the title from there grasps on the final day of the Premiership season last May, and how they did it so dramatically to end the most exciting finale in the Premier League’s existence. Manchester City looks like picking up more silverware under Roberto Mancini in the shape of the FA Cup (providing Wigan don’t beat them to it) which I am sure the Red Devils wouldn’t mind letting that one slip in place of the title.

Whether Mancini stays at the Etihad will be the concerning question this summer and as long as the ones spending the cash want him I am sure that he will stick around for at least another season. Compared to last summer this one will no doubt be different, eager to prove his critics wrong more big names will enter the fray and I wouldn’t be surprised if attempted bids for masers Suarez, Ronaldo and Bale aren’t made in vain.

With an Arsenal of cash behind them Manchester City will make every attempt to adapt their squad; something they didn’t do last year and have ultimately paid the price. Meanwhile at Old Trafford they have a slightly aging defence and will look to replace Rio Ferdinand and Nmanja Vidjic whilst there midfield is considered weak in compression.

Only Chelsea, if they get there man and invest properly in new players can challenge these two clubs – but with the Blues requiring some rebuilding it will look as though (at an early stage) that next seasons elite trophy will stay in the North but which of the Manchester clubs will win it remains to be seen. My money would be on City but you can never rule out United.

Source: DSG