Manchester City stars highest earners on the globe

16 April 2014 12:01

Manchester City's players are the highest paid athletes in the world of sport, according to a new survey.

The average first-team pay at City has been calculated at £5.3million per year, or £102,653 per week, ahead of baseball's New York Yankees and LA Dodgers.

The Global Sports Salaries Survey, compiled by ESPN The Magazine/, places Real Madrid and Barcelona fourth and fifth, with Manchester United ninth ahead of Chelsea.

Top 10 payers (average salary):

1 Manchester City (Premier League) £5.337m

2 New York Yankees (Major League Baseball) £5.286m

3 LA Dodgers (Major League Baseball) £5.119m

4 Real Madrid (La Liga) £4.993m

5 Barcelona (La Liga) £4.901m

6 Brooklyn Nets (NBA) £4.485m

7 Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) £4.402m

8 Manchester United (Premier Leagie) £4.322m

9 Chicago Bulls (NBA) £3.985m

10 Chelsea (Premier League) £3.984m

Source: PA