Hughes - Ade penalty was fair

02 October 2009 04:51
Mark Hughes believes the suspended two-game ban and £25,000 fine handed to Emmanuel Adebayor for his goal celebration against Arsenal was fair. Many thought the Manchester City striker got away lightly after the Football Association decided upon a suitable punishment. The decision means that the Togo international is now available to face Aston Villa on Monday at Villa Park. Now a decision has been met Hughes wants the situation to be forgotten so he and his side can concentrate fully on matters on the pitch. "I just think you look at examples in similar cases in the past," Hughes said. "The amount of fine is bigger than some people have had to pay in the past so we knew there was a chance he may have got more games. "We are grateful that hasn't happened because we need good players available for us. "We have gone through the process, we have had the hearing and we are pleased that Manu is available for Monday because it is a big game Monday. Fair punishment "As I said before the hearing that I felt that any punishment wouldn't have been current and thankfully the commission has seen fit to think in the same way. "So it's an incident that happened a couple of weeks back now and it's about time everybody moved on really." Hughes also revealed that he didn't feel the need to have a quiet word with Adebayor to tone down future celebrations. "No I think it is one of those situations as I said at the time there is an obligation on players in this day and age and obviously there is emotion in the moment and Ade was very clear immediately after the game when he apologised," he added. "But you can't take emotion out of the game of football but obviously there is going to be a degree of that and that's why there was an understanding. "I feel from the hearing he got that there was a little provocation and that's why we will have Manu available and ready for Monday."

Source: SKY_Sports