HATCHET MAN: Two goals in two matches hardly makes shin-digger Essien prolific - he's only got 16 in

16 March 2009 10:06
Michael Essien is back for Chelsea and powering them forward as if he had never  been away.

But don't be fooled into thinking the midfielder has developed a sharp shooting  habit in the six months he has been out with a serious knee injury.

Two goals in two games is pretty impressive since his return and he has earned  and deserves a bit of luck, but that is all it is.

Prolific: Michael Essien celebrates his second goal in two games

Anyone who saw the way the ball flew in off his shin with his fluky, misjudged  shooting effort against Manchester City will know that.

Essien had scored 14 goals in 146 appearances for Chelsea before his last two  matches and goalscoring is the one area of his game which is sub-standard so he  will no doubt be hitting the back of the stand with his shots again soon.

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Source: Daily_Mail

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