HATCHET MAN: So Robinho has a drugs problem claims Pele, the one-time great who now endorses Viagra

23 March 2009 12:56
Pele the player has been a hero to so many, the talented and graceful   Brazilian who conjured an exotic example for others to follow. It is just a shame that he cannot show the same class in his advancing years after retirement. His association with Viagra, the rent-a-quote role for a financial company at major tournaments and ill-judged remarks about the current crop of Brazil players have tainted his image. Now this is a genuine drug. .this is a man who endorses it. .and this is a man who takes no drugs at all In the latest controversy he allegedly claimed on radio that Manchester  City's  Robinho has a drug problem. Of course, it has been denied and such a serious  accusation should not be made without evidence. Pele didn't offer any and it is a sad state of affairs that a true legend of the game has to stoop so low.

Source: Daily_Mail