HATCHET MAN: Robinho's team mates aren't as bad as Manchester City's wayward Brazilian's attitude

27 March 2009 09:44
Robinho has finally spoken out about his massively disappointing form for Manchester City and provided an explanation: it's his team-mates' fault.[LNB]How thoroughly, disappointingly predictable.[LNB]Robinho says he plays better for Brazil than he does for Citybecause he is lining up alongside a higher quality of player, but hisargument is less convincing than one of his away performances for hisclub.[LNB]That's what you need: Robinho claims he is dedicated to the City cause[LNB]He claimed: 'I truly dedicate myself to my club. Sometimes I amquestioned why I play better for the national squad than at ManchesterCity. I am the same at both places, but City is one team and the Brazilnational squad is another. [LNB]   More from Hatchet Man... THAT WAS THE SPORTING WEEK: Rooney tortures his teddy, catwalk Cipriani leaves Henson in a huff, John Daly the fitness guru and Button gets a souped-up Sinclair C527/03/09 HATCHET MAN: FA hit new low with Middlesbrough's paltry fine27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Time to end predictable player of the year voting and look at things objectively27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Deluded Alonso's plain wrong to say Liverpool are better than United27/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Memo to Capello: Tell Almunia he'll never play for England and put him out of his misery 26/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Eastlands chief cooks up the sort of waffle that will ensure Ribery and Henry join Kaka in sidestepping City26/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Doomed Magpies are hanging stooge Hughton out to dry - Ashley should be ashamed26/03/09 HATCHET MAN: Redknapp plays a blinder by linking White Hart Lane public enemy No.1 Campbell with the Ledley King/England debacle26/03/09 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE 'In all respect to Manchester City, who have good players by theway, here I play with Kaka and Ronaldinho - it is totally different. [LNB]'Here I can play well, but I believe I am playing well at City. I have scored 11 goals in the Premier League.'[LNB]If Robinho is a truly world class player, he should stand out in any team and be able to raise the standard at City.[LNB]Instead he has dropped below their level away from Eastlands and mayeven have led Mark Hughes to think that a change for a more effectiveand consistent star turn is needed in the summer.[LNB]If, at a cost of £34 million, Robinho is happy with the way things are, the manager's decision has surely been made for him.[LNB] [LNB]  

Source: Daily_Mail