HATCHET MAN: Robinho's team mates aren't as bad as Manchester City's wayward Brazilian's attitude

27 March 2009 09:44
Robinho has finally spoken out about his massively disappointing form for Manchester City and provided an explanation: it's his team-mates' fault.

How thoroughly, disappointingly predictable.

Robinho says he plays better for Brazil than he does for Citybecause he is lining up alongside a higher quality of player, but hisargument is less convincing than one of his away performances for hisclub.

That's what you need: Robinho claims he is dedicated to the City cause

He claimed: 'I truly dedicate myself to my club. Sometimes I amquestioned why I play better for the national squad than at ManchesterCity. I am the same at both places, but City is one team and the Brazilnational squad is another.

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'Here I can play well, but I believe I am playing well at City. I have scored 11 goals in the Premier League.'

If Robinho is a truly world class player, he should stand out in any team and be able to raise the standard at City.

Instead he has dropped below their level away from Eastlands and mayeven have led Mark Hughes to think that a change for a more effectiveand consistent star turn is needed in the summer.

If, at a cost of £34 million, Robinho is happy with the way things are, the manager's decision has surely been made for him.


Source: Daily_Mail